Dental Wellness Begins Here

Our Approach

At Dr. Stern’s office, your bright and happy smile is more than a visit to the dentist; it’s a partnership.

We work with you to custom-create the best plan for your total oral healthcare, based on your needs, wants and budget.

How do we do it? We listen to you. We want to hear about your wishes and desires.

As a new patient, you receive a thorough examination and in-depth consultation. We look at your options for a healthy smile and its impact on your overall health.

Together, we discuss the possibilities.

Your personal goals and health concerns will be integrated with our professional recommendations.

Yes, both Dr. Stern and you decide how to proceed.

So, in our practice, you are an active participant in your own treatment.

The end result?

A treatment plan co-developed with the benefit of your total wellness in mind—now that’s something to smile about!

​Wellness Connect

A healthy life is defined by the choices you make and finding the right people and practitioners to help you make those choices can be challenging.

No need to be puzzled.

Visit our network of top local health and wellness businesses and organizations to find the perfect fit for your total wellness—mind, body and soul.

Garden State Spine and Pain Institute

7 Meridian Way

Eatontown, NJ 07724


Nutrition Treatment Center

130 Maple Ave.

Red Bank, NJ 07701


Oral Systemic Connection

The condition of your mouth affects EVERYTHING!

If your gums are inflamed, the germs causing that inflammation and their by-products can get into your body through the blood vessels in your mouth and through your lungs. Did you know that oral bacteria have been found in the autopsied brains of people with Alzheimer’s Disease? Did you know that a diseased mouth is associated with

Heart attack
Pancreatic and other cancers

And did you know that oral DNA testing is available to show us how to best deal with problems with your gums?

We take great pride in our positive minded coaching approach to helping you rid yourself of the burden of inflammation. Learn more about oral systemic connection and let us help you prevent oral diseases! Our office offers :

Oral DNA testing
Oral ID-cancer screening
Blood pressure checks
Checks for inflammation

Sleep Breathing Disorders

How’d You Sleep?

Snoring. There’s really nothing funny about the oft-parodied act. At its very least, it can be the source of stress between bed partners and, at its worst, well, read on.

Snoring, a sleep breathing disorder, is a sign that you are not getting enough oxygen at a time when your brain, heart, and other critical organs need it badly.

Unfortunately, snoring is only one sign that you may not be getting enough oxygen at night. Some people actually stop breathing for a few seconds many times during their sleep! There are other silent sleep breathing disorders that could deprive your body and its critical organs of the air that it needs. And the consequences of not refreshing and re-energizing your body at night can be very serious over a long period of time.

People with sleep breathing disorders are at increased risk for:

Heart Disease


High Blood Pressure

Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD)

Memory disorders including Alzheimer’s disease

Learning Disabilities

Falling asleep during the day and while driving

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