About Dr. Stern

Dentist in Ocean, NJ


Alan G. Stern, DDS.

I am proud to tell you:

That I have completed the Continuum at the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education and that I continue to study with national and international leaders in Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry and in sleep breathing disorders.

I live:

In Monmouth County.

My wife and kids:

Are the greatest. Fran and I have been married for 35+ years and have worked together since we opened our office over 25 years ago. We have learned and grown together. Our son Neil is a leader in his Civil Air Patrol Unit and working in Civil Service. Our daughter Tracey is a two-time All-American softball player,  and is currently coaching gymnastics, her first passion.

I chose to become a dentist because:

Growing up with my best friend’s father as my dentist and observing his sheer delight in what he did inspired me. Dr. Bob was a ball of energy, working twelve hour days and loving every second of it.

I continue to love what I do because:

I get to change people’s lives in a very tangible way and to work very closely with them in a warm and legitimately caring environment. And with increasing knowledge of sleep breathing disorders, I now have the opportunity to save people’s lives.

The most important thing about oral healthcare is:

Understanding that you are best served by a collaborative, mutually trusting relationship with the right practitioner. It’s not just about the tangibles that the dentist does. It is about the patient’s desire and willingness to work for his/her own health with our help.

As a dentist, over the years I’ve learned:

That, for the most part, dentistry is elective. Knowing that has taught me that my first and most important job as a dentist is to understand what each patient would like dentistry to do for them. When we are able to understand and connect with a person, magic happens!

I am committed to:

Being the best technical dentist I can be and, even more importantly, establishing and maintaining a doctor-patient relationship that is anchored in trust, respect, and with the patient’s best interest first and foremost.

Professionally, I am on a mission to:

Continue to learn new and exciting things; listen to my patients before I do anything; be the best I can be.

I think my practice is special because:

It is small and very personal in an age of impersonal service. My team and I are well-trained and experienced in esthetics, oral reconstruction, prevention of disease, and sleep breathing disorders. We also go out of our way to make people feel welcome and comfortable from the first phone call.

My proudest moments include:

Watching my daughter hit a home run to win a national collegiate title in softball in 2010 and my son soloing in a single engine aircraft at age 16.

I am passionate about:

The sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship; and using dentistry as a vehicle to help people be as healthy as possible

In my spare time I:

Read, listen to music, write, watch sports, exercise, go to Las Vegas whenever I can, take continuing education courses.

My must-read books are:

Younger Next Year; When Doctors Don’t Listen; anything by Jeffrey Archer or Nelson DeMille.

My personal goals for 2017 are:

To maintain optimal health and strength; to share what I’ve learned about health and wellness with people, to attain certifications in wellness and behavior change coaching and and to inspire my colleagues to create and maintain a fulfilling practice.

I support:

My synagogue though ongoing leadership; the environment through my work with the Solid Waste Advisory Council, from which I just retired after 21 years; local politicians who share my values; Holocaust Education through a fund established in my late mother’s name; the NJ, NY, and Pa National Guard by providing dental services to our soldiers when called on to do so.

I want you to know:

I have overcome and conquered my greatest fear—flying— by spending 14 hours in a Cessna. Also, my closest friends are my college fraternity brothers. We’ve been playing cards one Friday night a month since we graduated in 1975-76.