Smile Transformations

Dentist in Ocean, NJ

Today, you CAN have the smile you want, even if you’re not rich and famous. Whether your teeth are disfigured, missing, or discolored, we can create a new look that is healthy, comfortable, functional, and esthetic.

If you want a change in your smile, the first thing we will do is listen to you. We’ll take photographs of your mouth along with other detailed records and discuss your goals and objectives. Once we arrive at a plan that makes sense to you, we’ll use our training, experience, and expertise to deliver a great looking smile that is healthy and functions well.

Here are a few dramatic before and after photos of patients we’ve helped.

Sandy_Before Sandy_After
DonR_Before DonR_After
Wahington_Before Wahington_After

Diane came to us asking to help her smile again. Her teeth showed many colors. None of which were particularly healthy looking.
Using porcelain veneers and crowns, we restored Diane’s teeth to a natural, youthful, healthy look. She now smiles with confidence.

Mike is a semi-retired grandfather. After working and raising a family for his adult life, Mike decided that it was his time to get the smile and health he has always wanted. With our orthodontic and implant surgical partners, we moved Mike’s teeth to their most natural, functional positions, replaced the missing teeth with implants, and restored them with beautiful, strong, natural looking ceramic crowns and veneers.