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Oral-Systemic Connection

A healthy smile is more than just beautiful!

Studies show that good oral health provided by great dentistry improves your odds of living a long and happy life, much like proper nutrition and daily exercise do.

Dr. Stern’s expert approach to dentistry will safely transform your smile, while ensuring that your oral health is in tip-top shape.

Ready to up your health on all levels? Your complete wellness begins with dental health.

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The condition of your mouth affects everything!

If your gums are inflamed, the germs causing that inflammation and their by-products can get into your body through the blood vessels in your mouth and through your lungs. Did you know that oral bacteria have been found in the autopsied brains of people with Alzheimer’s Disease? A diseased mouth is also associated with; Heart attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Pancreatic and other cancers.

And did you know that oral DNA testing is available to show us how to best deal with problems with your gums? We take great pride in our positive minded coaching approach to helping you rid yourself of the burden of inflammation. Let us show you the difference that cutting edge knowledge combined with true care for a human can make for you!

"Alan, Fran, Jess & Ryan always get 5 stars for professionalism, compassionate care and being amazing humans. I've been a patient since the 1990s and can't imagine going to any other dentist for my oral healthcare. Your ability to diagnose, assess and support people in taking care of their overall health is first class. How many people say they love to see their dentist - well, they just have to find the right one."

- Judith

Your bright and happy smile is more than a visit to the dentist; it’s a partnership.

We work with you to custom-create the best plan for your total oral healthcare, based on your needs, wants and budget.

How do we do it? We listen to you. We want to hear about your wishes and desires.

The office of Dr. Stern is a guilt-free zone and we are honored that you’ve asked for our help. There is no judgement, and we look forward, not backward.

"As always, it was a very friendly and productive visit to Dr. Stern and his staff. Throughout the years, all my dental needs have been attended to very competently, and the dedication by everyone to my well-being has always been first rate. I strongly urge anyone seeking great dental care to give Dr. Stern's office a call."

- Ken

Regular Dental Care is the Key

It’s not just a cleaning. If you think about how much you use your mouth every day, it’s amazing how durable it is!

But like anything else in life, it needs maintenance.

At our office, we pride ourselves on the quality of our maintenance visits—because maintenance is so much more than cleaning your teeth! Learn More About Our Regular Dental Cleanings

We Provide You With A Complete Dental Transformation!

If you want a change in your smile, the first thing we will do is listen to you. Once we arrive at a plan that makes sense to you, we’ll use our training, experience, and expertise to deliver a great looking smile that is healthy and functions well.

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