Dentist in Ocean, NJ

Our Office is a Guilt-Free Zone!

AboutAlanSternDDSWe have spent our more than three decades of practice honing our skills and learning from the nation’s masters of technical dentistry and client services.

What have we learned, you ask?

We have learned that dentistry is about people, their health, their comfort, their function, and their esthetics.

We have learned that each person in our office is unique; that your desires are different than anyone else’s.

It is our honor and privilege to listen to you as you ask for our help; to understand your expectations and desires in life; and help you make great decisions to have the smile that you want, or even to maintain the one that you have!

At Dr. Stern’s office, we will earn your trust every time you see us.

Our pledge to you: To listen to you carefully, to evaluate your wants and needs thoroughly, to guide you to making health care choices that are right for you, and to deliver dentistry that reflects your values and our mastery.

No assembly line, no judgments, no pressure, no guilt—just the highest quality, personalized fine, restorative and cosmetic dentistry and comprehensive oral healthcare, tailored to suit your life and your wallet.

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