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Dentist in Ocean, NJ

Hear! Hear! Dr. Stern Talks Dentistry with Lou and Liz of 94.3 The Point


Smile Pretty

Your cosmetic dentistry options

On Guard!

The importance of professionally made mouth guards

Line ‘Em Up

The many benefits of Invisalign

The Daily Grind

The dangers of clenching and grinding your teeth

Howdy, Partner

Dr. Stern talks about why he works with other wellness professionals for the benefit of your health

What the Yell?

Dr. Stern’s philosophy on caring for his patients

Grin and Bare It

What a healthy smile means for you

You Have Nothing to Fear

How we make dentistry easy for you

Scared Straight

How we manage your fear so you can have the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve

Fear Revisited

A rational approach to your fear of dentistry

All I Want for Christmas Is…

The importance of your two front teeth

We Hear You

Why we listen to our patients before treatment

White On!

All about our deep whitening technique

Life is Beautiful

How cosmetic dentistry changes people’s lives

Word Up

A live on-air patient testimonial

Hear’s To You

The importance of listening to patients