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Here’s what happy patients have to say about us:

I have had terrible experiences at the dentist for forty something years until a dear friend of mine recommended Dr. Stern and all I can say is…. Dr. Stern, where have you been all of my life???

Dr. Stern is truly the best when it comes to his skills, his knowledge and above all, his compassion. I actually leave with a great big smile of my face and it’s not from his jokes, no pun intended.

Fran who is Dr. Sterns wife runs the office to perfection. She is a truly wonderful and amazing person. Jessica, Dr. Stern’s Dental Hygienist is fantastic at her profession and extremely gentle.

They all really care about each and every patient that walks through the door and will do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable and involved in their treatment. In fact, I consider Dr. Stern and Fran close friends, they are truly wonderful people.

If you don’t have a dentist or don’t feel 100% comfortable or confident with the one you currently have, you should seriously think about setting up a consultation with Dr. Stern, you will ask the same question that I did…. where have you been all of my life?


I had a cap fall out overnight once. Dr. Stern came to the radio station in the morning and fixed it live on the air! Who does that? Only Alan. Words are not enough to thank him. Recently, he spent two hours on one of my most precious people in my life. That’s how excellent and trustworthy Alan G. Stern is. If you ever find yourself needing a dentist that will care about your well-being as much as he cares about your teeth, this is the man.—Liz Jeressi of 94.3 The Point’s “Lou and Liz in the Morning”

Many years ago I traveled over 70 miles to see Dr. Stern. He gave me double appointments to install a fantastic permanent bridge which has lasted over 25 years. I now live in Florida and wish I could still see him. He is much more than a great dentist; he’s a true professional and, most of all, he is my lifelong friend! Thanks, Alan, you are the man!

My introduction to Dr. Stern was simply due to his caring nature!! I was stuck at the radio station that I work at during a blizzard, and Dr. Stern was kind enough to leave toothpaste and floss and a new toothbrush for me! I was VERY impressed with his caring nature, so the next time I needed a dentist, of course, I called him. His bedside manner and actual CARE for the comfort and health of his patients is quite rare these days! He is gentle and is doing an amazing job on giving me a smile I used to just dream about! The dental assistants and staff are all just as wonderful as he is!! I highly recommend Dr. Stern and his team!!!

I travel over 30 miles to see Dr. Stern for my appointments. He makes each visit enjoyable, and I can always count on him. Last year, he once again went well beyond the call of duty. He met me at his office at 4:30 in the morning to secure a loosen bridge in my mouth since I would be attending my 45th high school reunion later that night. He was not going to be in his office since he was scheduled to provide professional training for a group the entire day. Who would do that? Alan Stern…that’s who. He is the best!—Janet C. Obzut

I receive a greater level of devotion from Dr. Alan Stern and his staff, than that which I have received from any other health practitioner, ever. Please allow yourself to discover and experience this dedicated team of individuals who aspire to exceed your expectations, in all ways.—Rich Galasso, Jr., client-for-life

I moved to NJ back in 2001 from Long Island. After a what felt like forever, I finally found a dentist that is professional, curious, kind, funny, but most of all EXTREMELY knowledgeable. The office is clean and the atmosphere is very relaxing, quite the contrary to some of the other offices I tried. His appointments are always on time and the staff is just as knowledgeable and professional as Dr. Stern himself. I know it sounds crazy, but after discovering Dr. Stern’s office I actually enjoy going to the dentist and even look forward to it. I don’t know if he teaches or not, but other Dentists could learn a thing or two from him. Highly recommended!!!

I have been a patient of Dr. Stern’s for approximately 15 years. When I first went to him I had neglected my teeth for many years. We prioritized what needed to be treated immediately versus what could wait. He is very patient and explains the options available and designs a treatment plan you will be comfortable with. I cannot recommend him highly enough! Well, it’s been, at least for me, a long road, but here we are, FINISHED! I can remember back about 9 years ago when you first approached the whole idea of refurbishing my mouth. “Oh no you don’t, I’m too old”. Well, oh yes you did, and I guess I’m not too old. When you’re right, you’re right! With you spearheading the entire operation, I had three great professionals collaborating on this project and boy does it show. I’m very happy with the results and can hardly believe the difference. I’m still a little afraid to bite into an apple or an ear of corn, but this too shall pass. Never mind the old expression about not leaving a stone unturned; you didn’t leave one tooth unturned! I really appreciate your painstaking thoroughness and your fantastic attention to detail. It is very evident. I would never hesitate in recommending you to anyone, and, as you know, I sent my daughter to you and she, also, is very happy. Alan, many thanks for your sincere caring, so many thanks also to Bruna and Fran and the rest of your staff who cared as much as you do.—Deb

Before Invisalign I was always self-conscious about my teeth. Every time I would laugh I would always cover my mouth with my hand, so that nobody could see my smile. I am in my twenties and did not want to wear braces. So Invisalign seemed like the perfect solution. No one even knew I was wearing them but me! In such a short amount of time I could see the changes and couldn’t believe my eyes. Dr. Alan Stern was always friendly and caring. He explained everything to me about the process in detail and always made me feel comfortable. Now a year later my self-esteem has gone up and I never stop smiling. Invisalign has made me a much happier person! Thank you, Dr. Alan Stern and your wonderful staff.—S.B.

Dear Lou & Liz @ 94.3 FM The Point:
I just wanted to thank-you for letting me know about Dr. Alan Stern! My husband & I moved here from San Diego a little over a year ago due to his job. I am a native San Diegan and had been very comfortable with my dentist and doctors out there. Since moving here, I have been to a couple dentists, which I was not impressed with. The first (dentist) seemed to try and sell me every product and service under the sun … and the second (dentist) just seemed unprofessional. I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and was afraid I had a cavity. One of the dentists above told me I had one and the other said I didn’t. I was a little nervous being pregnant with twins going to the dentist, but but right away talking with Fran, (at Dr. Stern’s office), I was put at ease. She filled me in on what approval I needed from my OBGYN.From the minute I entered the office, I was put at ease by both Fran and Dr. Stern. I was welcomed by both! I haven’t experienced this from any other doctor before. Most doctors offices feel more like a production line, getting you in and rushing you out, and getting little time with the dentist.Next I went into Dr. Stern’s office and went over my dental goals, another thing I found comforting & unique! From there we went in for the exam, where I found that I didn’t have a cavity & that I had strong & healthy teeth! I am so happy with Dr. Stern and my experience. I am actually looking forward to my teeth cleaning appointment next week. I really enjoyed talking to Fran & Dr. Stern as I was checking out. I could have spent the morning talking to them. They are very nice people!!! I highly recommend Dr. Stern and plan on recommending him to friends. Thank-you again for letting me know about Dr. Stern !!!!! —M.W., Brick, NJ

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