Dental Professionals Program

Dentist in Ocean, NJ

Better, Richer, Stronger

A guide to prosperity in turbulent times

Prosperity is within your reach!!

Do you feel like dentistry is getting harder and harder no matter how educated and experienced you are? Do you get discouraged when older colleagues tell you that the good old days are behind us? The truth, however, is that your best days are ahead of you, no matter how old or young you may be! A career in dentistry may, indeed, be hard, but you can enjoy walking into your office on Monday morning. And you can enjoy your team, your patients, and your life! Dr. Stern will show you how to create the practice you want and how to take care of the one critical factor that produces maximal income, happiness, and fulfillment. It’s not difficult; you will be able to implement Dr. Stern’s principles the moment his presentation ends and TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) a reality!

Better, Richer, Stronger

After attending this program, the attendee will know:

  • The best ways to adapt to the rapidly changing world of patient care
  • How to overcome the biggest obstacle between a dentist and prosperity
  • Financial must-dos and must don’ts
  • 3 Common mistakes dentists make and how to avoid them
  • Things that happy and successful dentists do
  • How to create a vision, mission, and brand for one’s unique practice
  • 3 things anyone can do to protect their most important asset
  • Things to look for in hiring the right people
  • Essentials for developing and retaining a great team
  • The one critical factor in any successful practice
  • How to tie the components of success into a prosperous practice and life

Dr. Alan G Stern graduated Queens College, CUNY and VCU School of Dentistry. He has practiced dentistry for over 35 years. In his time as an associate and 3 decades in his own practice, Dr. Stern has stepped up, paid the price, and learned success. He has studied at the Pankey Institute along with masters of operative dentistry, practice management, esthetics, sleep disordered breathing, and oral systemic connections. He has lectured throughout his career on subjects ranging from Occupational Hazards of Dentistry, Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention to Hiring and Motivating a Winning Team. Most importantly, he has learned the life lessons that enable him to use his knowledge to enrich the lives of those around him, from patients to team, to aspiring dental students, and now, to the entire dental community.

A compelling and engaging speaker, Dr. Stern offers his program in one hour, two hour, half day, and full day interactive formats for single offices, study clubs, small groups, or regional meetings.

For more information or to schedule Dr. Stern’s presentation, please call Fran at 732-493-8030 or email