Ocean, NJ Dentist | Dr. Stern’s Smile Profile of the Month: A.S.

In Dr. Stern’s practice, working together for wellness is more than just a tagline; it’s a way of life.

Case in point: This first-hand account of how the good doctor’s protocols wound up saving his patient from a potentially deadly condition.

Name: A.S.

Age: 54

I live in: Howell

My husband and I started going to Dr. Stern: 20 years ago

While under his care the most remarkable thing happened: Dr. Stern had his staff complete a risk assessment of sleep apnea for my husband and myself. Based on the questionnaire results, Dr. Stern had us both complete an oxygen saturation study at home overnight to determine if we would benefit from a dental appliance or a referral to a pulmonologist/sleep center. Our results came back at the same time. My results showed no problem, however, my husband’s results showed moderate to severe sleep apnea. My husband was referred by Dr. Stern to a pulmonologist and sleep center for further testing. Dr. Stern even came in on a Sunday to speak with my husband because he was so concerned about my husband’s health. Thankfully, through Dr. Stern’s interventions, my husband who was diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea now sleeps with a CPAP machine to maintain his oxygen levels at night. I feel that Dr. Stern’s intervention has saved my husband from having a stroke or heart attack. I am forever thankful for Dr. Stern’s (and his staff’s) interventions.

Dr. Stern is a stand-out dentist because: He is very caring, dedicated, knowledgeable and hard working. He loves being a dentist!

When it comes to oral healthcare, Dr. Stern taught me: That poor oral hygiene can lead to other help problems.

When it comes to a healthy smile and good oral healthcare, I tell my friends and family: Dr. Stern is a great dentist!

Wellness Dentist in Ocean, NJ | Dr. Stern’s Smile Profile of the Month: Diane

In our office, we pride ourselves on not just delivering top dentistry but giving our patients the personal attention they deserve.

It’s our mission to make you smile—smile because you feel good knowing that you are healthy and smile because you love how your teeth look.

In homage to our patients, we’re launching a Smile Profile series to spotlight the amazing people who make us smile.

This month, get to know Diane:

Diane and her husband are all smiles!
Name: Diane Vaughn Lane (aka Dee Dee)

Age: 50

I live in: Wall, N.J.

I started going to Dr. Stern: 23 years ago

While in his care: I had many repairs to old filings, root canals, caps, extra cleanings due to Sjorgrens Syndromen (chronic dry mouth), many attempts to lighten an injured front continually darkening tooth. I finally was able to have Dr. Alan repair/apply eight overlays on my upper front teeth. (Interested  in Diane’s smile transformation? Click here.)

My favorite thing about my new smile is: that I no longer have to think before I smile. No longer do I hide behind my hand while talking or laughing. I love that the finished product is so natural that friends cannot tell exactly what is different about me. I told only a few people I was having my teeth fixed. People think I lost weight or changed my hair color.

Dr. Stern is a stand-out dentist because: He is a funny guy, but the minute it is time to discuss your care, he is honest and straight forward about what he feels needs to be done to take care of your teeth. He understands the financial circumstances of his patients as well, and works with you to prioritize your care. Things have a way of working out. When this project of fixing my smile became possible financially, I was also at the point where I REALLY needed to do something about the “dead” front tooth, on a clinical level. Dr. Alan and Fran walked me through the physical and emotional steps of the process. To undertake the procedure physically was only half the project; the emotions that came with me being able to actually fix my smile played a role in the process, too. Dr. Alan and Fran took great effort and worked and directed me on the color picking. Who knew that would be such an important choice? I trusted their experience and I have to say that for me, my teeth are a natural color for a woman of my age! The day this process was complete, the three of us were like school children on the last day of school. I couldn’t tell you which one of us was more excited!

When it comes to oral healthcare, Dr. Stern taught me: FLOSSING IS MOST IMPORTANT!

When it comes to a healthy smile and good oral healthcare, I tell my friends and family: I try to refer everyone I can to Dr. Alan. I always say, “He gives the best needles—you don’t know you are getting one.” With my experience, I should know!