The 2 for 2 Program

Dentist in Ocean, NJ

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Let me break this down for you: To maintain yourself in good health, you need to have your teeth cleaned twice a year. And you need a thorough examination each time to ensure that things are as they should be; that is, to catch anything that may be brewing.

If you want to be in good health then bi-annual dental visits are a must. Non-negotiable. Period.

Don’t let a little thing like dental insurance (or lack thereof) keep you from being in tip-top shape.

Money shouldn’t be an object when it comes to your health and you deserve the best oral healthcare no matter what.

That’s why we’ve created the 2 for 2 Program.

For just $225*, we will provide you with two comprehensive cleanings a year with our wonderful hygienist, bitewing x- rays as needed**, and thorough examinations by Dr. Stern. The non-discounted cost of this service would be $397 over the course of a year.***

Bonus: Our 2 for 2 Program entitles you to a 10% reduction in our fees each year you participate.

For details or to sign up, please email us or call Fran. But hurry—this offer will expire on December 22, 2013.

Let’s work together for your wellness!


Examples of fee reductions :
  • Bitweing (checkup ) X-rays = $70.00         With 2 for 2 = $63.00
  • Full mouth X-rays = $160                             With 2 for 2=$144
  • One surface composite filling = $230        With 2 for 2 = $207
  • Crowns = $1325                                            With 2 for 2= $1193

All fees are subject to change and will be discussed in detail prior to commencement of service.

*Reduced fee requires pre-payment.

 **X-ray frequency determined for each individual by clinical judgment of Dr Stern and consultation with patient.

***Fee assumes one set of bitewing X-rays per year and does not include full mouth series of X-rays, which is needed for new patients and whose frequency is determined on an individual basis for each patient. New patients will receive a full mouth series of X-rays for an additional $25 with this program.