Dentist in Ocean, NJ | Oh, Sugar! Cavity Myths Dispelled

Not only are those little holes that wreak havoc on your teeth a detriment to your smile, but they can be quite mysterious, too. Here are some “facts” you may have heard about the notorious cavity—along with what’s really the case.

Myth: Cavities in baby teeth are no big deal.

Truth: While it’s true that baby teeth are only there temporarily, you still want to have these cavities filled. Otherwise, a child could experience pain and infection, which has the potential to spread.

Myth: Only kids get cavities.

Truth: While it may seem like kids are more susceptible to cavities, adults are at risk, too. Cavities can easily develop around old fillings that have become weakened over time, and receding gums can expose more of the tooth to possible decay.

Myth: You’ll always see or feel a cavity.

Truth: Small cavities aren’t painful—but they can turn into bigger cavities that infect the nerve inside your tooth, causing pain, expensive treatment, or tooth loss! That’s why it’s important to visit the dentist regularly, so that you can fill any cavity- or deal with any other small problem- before it becomes a big problem.

 Myth: Fillings always need to be replaced.

Truth: You can significantly extend the life of your filling—maybe even forever—by practicing good oral hygiene. Brush and floss regularly to keep your fillings intact as long as possible. The less they need to be replaced, the better for your wallet.

Myth: If your tooth hurts, you definitely have a cavity.

Truth: If you feel pain, it could be due to a cavity, but it’s also possible that you have a cracked tooth, an exposed root or just sensitive teeth. Since the pain could signal something serious, you should have it checked out.

Myth: I have soft teeth.

Truth: Enamel- the outer part of the tooth- is the hardest substance in the human body; it’s even harder than bones! The truth is that some people have bacteria and acid in their mouths that cause teeth to decay.

In our office, we are working together for wellness. That’s why we’ve introduced the CAMBRA program. CAMBRA stands for CAries (cavity) Management BY Risk Assessment. We now have the ability to test for your risk of cavities. If your risk is high, we can even put you on a mouth rinse program that’s proven to dramatically reduce your risk of getting cavities.

No one person is identical to anyone else. Your risk of cavities is unique. Let us help you in your goal to be as healthy as you want to be! Because when we say “working together for wellness”, we mean it!